The PerformWork Toolbox

PerformWork Ltd have developed a set of web tools to help you manage small or very small (micro) projects, whether they be:

  • Commercial
  • Social
  • Domestic
  • Personal

The PerformWork toolbox currently contains:

  • - Managing small projects
  • - Help with prioritizing tasks and projects
  • - Map your goals

Single Registration

All the tools are now available via a single registration.

Register once and you have access to all the tools

Simplified Subscription

First 30 days are free

  • Standard £7.99 per month
  • Student* £2.99 per month

* Requires an academic email address plus details of college, course being completed and expected date of completion.

Coming Soon

We are currently developing a new website,, which will be a simple project management tool for managing Micro Projects.

PerformWork Ltd is based in Cheltenham, England, UK.